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Amendment Three - approved at the PAWARA AGM on the 26th November 2015



1.             The name of the Association shall be “Purbrook and Widley Area Residents’ Association”


2.             The objectives of the Association are to represent collectively the interests of the residents, to provide a channel of communication with appropriate Local Authorities and to provide a forum for residents to express their concerns about matters affecting Purbrook and Widley Area


3.             The Association will not hold any political association, however, an elected Councillor(s) may serve on the Committee as deemed appropriate by Committee members and approved at an AGM.


4.             Membership shall be open to residents of Purbrook, Widley Area and the fringes thereof, the boundary of which shall be the area that forms the distribution of the Newsletter.


5.             If required, an annual subscription shall be determined by the Committee and presented for approval at the appropriate AGM.


6.             The PAWARA Committee shall consist of (at a minimum):

                                Chairman; Vice Chairman; Secretary/Minute Secretary; Treasurer

A Membership Secretary shall be appointed if an annual membership fee is invoked. Additional Committee members may be appointed where volunteers come forward ie: to cover the Newsletter distribution, and other PAWARA activities as they may arise. All Committee members will be subject to election/re-election at the Annual General Meeting.


7.             Committee meetings shall be held as deemed appropriate to the number of General public meetings planned, one of which will be the Annual General Meeting.



8.             Where possible, the AGM will be held in the November time frame to include reports by the Chairman, Treasurer, and Membership Secretary (if appropriate). Votes for the election of Committee Members and other proposals will be from the members of the public attending the AGM who are in possession of the most recent Newsletter.


9.             Nominations for Committee members will not be accepted without their agreement, and ideally prior to the AGM.


10.          The Committee hold additional meetings as considered necessary where a quorum for any Committee meeting shall be four (4).


11.          All finance, the property of the Association, shall be received by the Treasurer and paid into the Association’s bank account.  Payments by the Association shall either be by BACS transfer or cheque signed by any two of three signatories authorised by the Committee. One of the three signatories shall be the Treasurer.


12.          A PAWARA newsletter will be produced several times each year for distribution to all households in the area.


13.          Changes to this Constitution may be proposed by the Committee for approval at the AGM, or if appropriate, at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) which may be called by the Committee or by at least fifteen members of the public in the PAWARA area.


14.          Should it become necessary to consider the dissolution of the Association at an AGM or, if called, an EGM giving a minimum of 28 days’ notice, if agreed and approved by members of the public attending, all PAWARA assets will be disposed to The Rowans Hospice, Purbrook.


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