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All Change At PAWARA

Gary Hughes has handed over the ‘Chair’ of PAWARA to Graham Olway. Gary announced his intention to step down at the public meeting in May. On leaving, Gary said ‘it was a privilege to serve as Chairman of PAWARA. I did not intend to serve for almost 9 years, but having the support of the Committee and knowing that we were doing good things around our neighbourhood and amongst our community was an incentive for me to continue in the role. I would like to thank the Committee for their patience and humour and I wish PAWARA all of the very best for the future’.

Incoming Chairman, Graham Olway said ‘I am incredibly grateful to the PAWARA Committee Members for having confidence in me to take over the role of Chairman from Gary Hughes. He has strengthened PAWARA during his involvement and I hope to continue the good work that has been happening in recent years. Having lived in the Borough of Havant since 1973 and in Widley since 1999 I am very much aware of PAWARA and its considerable impact in the Purbrook & Widley area. I will be looking to support the various committee members in the responsibilities they have and obviously look to encourage more participation in neighbourhood improvements. It certainly is an exciting time to be involved and I hope to meet many of you at the AGM on 24th November or through PAWARA activities’

Vic Pheasant (Treasurer) and Sheila McIntosh (who has been a member of the Committee since PAWARA was formed in 2004) also indicated that they would wish to step down. ‘Husky’ Patel has assumed the role of Treasurer on behalf of the association.

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