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Pemjar Pond, Purbrook

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by Terry Smith

We had a change of scenery in June. We were asked to clear the Wayfarer’s Walk footpath between Purbrook Heath and Dellcrest Path (at the top of Portsdown Hill) which had become overgrown in places. Although still useable with care, there were several sections of long grass, nettles and trailing brambles further up.

We returned to Penjar Pond in July to dig out sedges to create a clear area and some deeper pockets to give a variety of habitat. The conditions were ideal with the ground dry, but not rock hard.

In August we weeded around the hedges at Purbrook Gardens and cut the verge. We spread the remaining wood chips around the newest hedge and took the opportunity to dig out brambles. We finished off by watering the hedges (grey water), concentrating on the whips that appeared to be in most need.

I would particularly like to thank Denise for helping to keep the whips alive during the worst of the heatwave. Most of the whips have survived with new growth on those that had died back.

Gary watered the newest section of hedge at Widley Gardens and that is also recovering well with only a few blackthorn casualties.

In September and October we cut the brambles and grass around the trees we planted at Privett Road to uncover the trees and allow wildflowers to flourish. There has been a good display of berries on the rowan and hawthorn trees and they are now being enjoyed by birds.

Work Programme

Sunday 20th November – Penjar Pond

Cut back brambles, trim edge of verge.

Sunday 11th December – Widley Gardens

Hedge maintenance, cut back brambles.

Sunday 8th January 2023 – Penjar Pond

Lay front row of hedge.

Sunday 12th February – Penjar Pond

Lay front row of hedge.

Sunday 12th March – to be confirmed Sunday 9th April – Sandy Dell / Privett Road

Remove Spanish bluebells

Sunday 14th May- Sandy Dell / Privett Road

Remove Spanish bluebells

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If you know of other areas that might benefit from some attention from the Environment Group, please use the Contact form on the website to let us know.

All work parties meet at 9.30am (unless ‘on road’ litter picks, which start at 8.30am).

We welcome new volunteers. You do not need experience of conservation work and there is no obligation to attend every task. More information can be found on our website.

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