November 2016 Newsletter #37

The objectives of the Association are to represent collectively the interests of the residents, to provide a channel of communication with appropriate Local Authorities and to provide a forum for residents to express their concerns about matters affecting Purbrook and Widley Area.

Streetlife, Nextdoor and Kahuti

If you have used Streetlife, you are probably aware that it has been taken over by Nextdoor, a US company, and has ceased to operate.

If you have not used Streetlife, it was a way for local people to keep in touch online with public information, events, recommendations (particularly tradesmen), requests for assistance, for sale and wanted (or giveaway) adverts and anything else they think would be helpful or feel like sharing.

Lots of people dislike Nextdoor for various reasons and they are reforming the old Streetlife community on Kahuti.  This is a new site (it only launched in the UK in February 2017) and is also American, but the developers are very responsive and are working hard to improve the site in line with feedback from users.  There is no requirement to enter a full name and the site will accept pseudonyms and a general location, so the privacy concerns with Nextdoor do not arise and there is no pressure from the site. 

Kahuti is being developed rapidly and has the potential to be even better than Streetlife.  It has been warmly received, but needs more active users although numbers are increasing daily and Kahuti communities are starting to spring up all over the country. 

Kahuti is being given a boost in the PAWARA area with Havant Borough Council promoting Kahuti on their Facebook page and an article will appear in the next newsletter to Berewood/Taylor Wimpey residents who have requested an online forum.  This will also help to integrate the residents of the West of Waterlooville development into the wider community and allow us to find out what is happening over there.

Kahuti appears to be the most suitable and popular of the replacements for Streetlife.  The speed of development and response times show the founders are fully engaged with the site and they are now talking about mail shots to increase the number of users.  This appears to be a serious site with the intention of remaining for the long term.

If you were on Streetlife and are looking for an alternative to Nextdoor, this looks like the best option.  If not, it is still worth having a look.

Date for your diaries - 2017 PAWARA meetings: Thursday 27th April and Thursday 23rd November

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