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Litter Update

by Natalie Clack

2022 has seen another positive effort in terms of picking litter. Over 100 rubbish sacks have been collected in the Purbook and Widley area, this year alone.

In March, several people attended a big litter pick at Johnston’s Coppice on Purbrook Way. At this event, 53 litter sacks were collected, along with a vast amount of other large items including car tyres, a microwave and a portable toilet!

In June, a group met at London Road and picked a total of 18 litter sacks and 2 bags of rubble. More recently in September, a total of 14 bags were collected in the same area.

Local residents are continuing the commitment to keep the area clean and tidy, either by joining group picks or litter picking individually, demonstrating tremendous community spirit. Thank you to everyone who contributes!

Why litter pick?

Did you know that looks aren’t everything? As well as making the area look better, picking litter helps to prevent wildlife from getting hurt. Keeping an area litter free helps to prevent animal habitats from being disturbed and prevents plastic breaking down and entering the food chain as microplastics.

If you pick litter in the local area, PAWARA would love to hear about it for our records!

It would be fabulous to welcome more residents (young or old) to join a community litter pick or collect some equipment, to do your own picks. If this is something you are interested in, send an email to Natalie at [email protected].

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